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xPico Wi-Fi: Embedded Wireless Device Server

07 - 02 - 2017

xPico Wi-Fi is a family of compact Wi-Fi IoT modules utilizing Cypress WICED chipset technology. The family comprises feature-rich, production-ready software, mobile and cloud-ready APIs that reduce your time to confidence in bringing IoT based products and solutions to market. In short, xPico Wi-Fi is easy-to-integrate Wi-Fi connectivity that just works!

  • Tablet and smartphone enables your product with the most universal wireless technology
  • Simplifies Wi-Fi implementation and integration resulting in faster product design
  • Delivers unmatched flexibility with a compact chip-sized footprint, low power consumption and 2 mounting options
  • Offers unique and proven feature set including; simultaneous Soft AP and client mode, zero host load, and configuration by customization
  • Provides cost savings and a faster time-to-market improving your competitive position
  • Designed to provide the functionality necessary to truly differentiate your Wi-Fi enabled products