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Quectel Wireless Solutions announces the release of the module FC20 ( Wifi + Bluetooth )

12 - 10 - 2016

FC20 is a new series of Wi-Fi and BT module featuring high performance and low cost. Designed in ultra-compact 16.6×13.0×2.1mm profile, it optimizes the size and cost for end-products, which fully meets the demands of size sensitive appli- cations. FC20 contains two variants (FC20 and FC20-N) which can be adapted to different application scenarios. 

Surface-mount technology (SMT) makes FC20 an ideal solution for durable and rugged designs. The low profile and small size of LCC package make sure FC20 can be easily embedded into size-constrained applications and provide reliable connectivity with these applications. The advanced package allows for large- scale automated manufacturing which has strict requirements on cost and efficiency.

FC20 is typically used in combination with Quectel EC25, EC21 and EC20 R2.0 LTE modules. The compact form factor, low

power consumption, extended temperature range and stable SDIO interface make FC20 a best choice for a wide range of M2M applications in fields such as vehicle, security, industrial PDA, MiFi, and medical.