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Clamper - String Box: The protection for your photovoltaic system

09 - 09 - 2020

String Box: The protection for your photovoltaic system

Sunlight for electricity generation is a trend that has grown exponentially worldwide, whether for residential or business use. The benefits of this technology are countless, but the main one is the significant reduction in energy expenses at the end of the month.

Even with all the benefits included, if you have plans to install a solar energy system, or have already installed in your home or business, you should be aware that this model of energy generation is also susceptible to damage by lightning and electrical surges.

Protecting your investment is essential to extend the durability of its useful life, ensuring its full operation and the benefits generated by it.

The String Box, is an essential component to make the protection of the photovoltaic solar power generation system and for your safety.