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Crank - Best Embedded Software 2020

09 - 09 - 2020

Best Embedded Software 2020


Crank Software wins Embedded Award for UI development software
At the Embedded World trade fair, Crank Software’s embedded UI development software, Storyboard, was presented an embedded 2020 award for first place in the software category. The embedded award, presented annually by Embedded World event organizers, pays tribute to especially innovative products and developments. Storyboard’s hybrid rendering functionality, invented in late 2019 in collaboration with partner NXP® Semiconductors, formed a significant part of the award submission.

Storyboard’s hybrid rendering innovation solves the challenge of sophisticated graphics draining battery power, forcing embedded developers to skimp on features and functionality. With Storyboard, UIs can now utilize the 2D and 3D GPUs more efficiently, by dynamically assessing the content to be rendered and automatically rendering that content using the most appropriate, power-optimized GPU.