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INSIGHT DEMAND CREATION helped to integrate a 5 - 6000 MHz Low Insertion High Isolation SP6T Switch, RFSW6062 at QORVO in the JOHANSON TECHNOLOGY reference design, 7-band, single Antenna Solution.

06 - 07 - 2020

As the demand for a compact, all-encompassing solution for IoT connectivity continues to grow, we've developed a multi-band flexible solution using one antenna (p/n 0830AT54A2200). This antenna can resonate at multiple frequencies. For it to achieve high efficiency and bandwidth, it requires antenna matching networks to cover Cellular/SubGHz/GPS-GNSS/2.4GHz bands.
All characterizations and gains we measured on a small, 51x51mm PCB (including the antenna clearance)
Below is a representation of the total antenna effective area and 2 switches required for this solution:


In an effort to create a small-footprint antenna solution for cellular LTE, NB-IoT, geo location GPS/GNSS, and 2.4GHz frequency spectrums, Johanson Technology has created a single antenna matching solution to cover all relative frequency bands. In addition to simplifying device bill-of-materials, costs can be reduced by re-using the same flexible solution in various applications.

By combining Johanson's 0830AT54A2200 antenna with 2 channel switches, the designer has the ability to cycle through all usable channels mentioned above.

Based on the number of channels required, we recommend the use of 2 (two), SP6T switches to cover the entire cellular spectrum as well as GPS/GLONASS and 2.4GHz Bluetooth or WiFi. In our example, the Qorvo RFSW6062 switch is used. The Hexawave HWS556 is a substitute performance-wise, but it is not interchangeable. You can find a link to more information on the final page.

Antenna Datasheet:
Qorvo RFSW6062 Switch:
Hexawave HWS556 Switch: