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AEM- Automotive Grade Surface-Mount Fuses

17 - 01 - 2019

First SMD Fuses Specically Designed for Automotive Applications

AEM Components’ AEC-Q200 qualified and ISO T516949 certified fuses are setting a new standard for reliable performance in demanding automotive applications. Choose from AirMatrix wire-in-air fuses and SolidMatrix solid body fuses for optimum performance under the hood or in the cabin.

AirMatrix® Platform


  • Unique contruction enhances reliability
  • Hermetically sealed wire-in-air structure
  • Highly-reliable end-cap construction
  • Highest current rating in the industry, up to 20A, 250V
  • Consistent electrical performance

SolidMatrix® Platform

QF 1206/0603 

  • Stable at high temperature and high stress
  • Superior thermal and mechanical performance
  • Operating temperature ranges -55 to 150°C
  • Unique co- red monolithic structure
  • High-reliability anti-sulfur construction